About Me

Based in Prague, I am an English singer, song-writer, writer and teacher with a particular passion for acoustic/jazz music. I work as a soloist and also with a band: Ondrej Hlavsa (drums), Ondrej Malina (guitar) and Jakub Antl (bass). I also partnered with composer Daniel Kyzlink (as lyricist) for a work called The Rock Mass which was recently performed with the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra.
I love songs which have poetic and evocative lyrics, but for me, music has to groove as well - it has to move you in some way.
There are links here to some of the other projects I'm involved with, but the main purpose of this site is to encourage you to contact me and book me (or me + band) for a gig or workshop/seminar. Hope to hear from you, and thanks so much for visiting.

Brain food

I love thinking about issues relating to aesthetics, philosophy, theology, creativity etc. If you'd like to give your brain a bit of a work out, check out The Musician's Journey. It's a blog which I started a few years ago to chart my personal journey into new spiritual and academic realms. I got a bit bogged down with some larger articles: my new year's resolution is to write more regularly! For those of you who like to think, I hope these honest personal reflections are of some use.

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